What we do

– Awareness creation on FGM and GBV through meetings, community campaigns and posters with anti-FGM messages.

– Educating communities on human rights, FGM, GBV and effects associated with the practice. This is done through trainings, seminars and workshops.

– Engaging various social groups including traditional leaders, religious leaders, political leaders, the circumcisers, women, youths and children into anti-FGM/GBV activities.

– Village Animators Program: Selected community members are trained to sensitize their communities and facilitate community changes towards elimination of FGM/GBV.

– Youth Programs: In and out of school youths (girls and boys) are trained and challenged to say NO to FGM and other forms of GBV.

– Anti-FGM Radio Program: Dissemination of anti-FGM/GBV messages through local radios and other media groups to have the community constantly reached with anti-FGM messages.



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