About NAFGEM Tanzania

NAFGEM Tanzania is a network of individual members working towards total elimination of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), child marriages and other forms of violence against women and the girl child. NAFGEM is an acronym of Network Against Female Genital Mutilation a non-governmental organization founded late 1998 by women human rights activists in Kilimanjaro.
NAFGEM is legally registered in Tanzania under the Society Ordinance Act of 1954 on the 04th February 1999 with a certificate of registration no. SO. NO. 9471. Under the NGO Act of 2002, NAFGEM was also awarded a Certificate of Compliance no. 00001386 of 23rd of December 2010.

Vision: Society without harmful traditional practices notably FGM, child marriage and other types of GBV against women and girls.

Mission: Community sensitization and awareness creation on effects of harmful traditional practices for the protection and restoration of women and girls dignity.

The NAFGEM’s experience from Kilimanjaro enables expansion to other parts of Tanzania where FGM, child marriage and other harmful traditional practices are prevalent. The 2010 Tanzania Demographic Health Survey report revealed the north zone to be the second leading with 37.8% after the central zone which is 58.8% of the FGM prevalence rates. Manyara region in north zone is the leading at 70.8%. While this statistics are general for the region, there are villages with as high as 100% of women being subjected into FGM. Kilimanjaro region is estimated to have 21.7% of the prevalence rate which is still high.

Through its programs, NAFGEM works to promote the knowledge on the FGM prevalence and its effects on health, development and the dignity of women and girls. The organization is also working to influence change in the male dominated culture with mindsets detrimental to the disadvantaged social groups especially women and the girl child.